Holiday Social Media Contents To Engage Your Target Audiences

Holiday Social Media Contents to Engage Your Target Audiences

Everybody always needs their holiday. Take a rest from daily life, and get laugh, refresh their mind, or just go hang out with friends. On the other side, holiday is an interesting topic for many brands to engage their audiences. But, how to create social media contents to engage target audiences during holiday?

Based on our insight, there are many social media contents style that can engage target audiences through holiday moment. Here are some main ideas to engage your audiences on social media during holiday:


Create the clickable videos, or photo collage on social media or simple voting content can attract your audiences to give more attention to your brand during holiday. Just give them simple interactive content, so they don’t take many times to pay attention to your content. But, make sure, during short time interactive, your content can easily be remembered by the audience.


During holiday, most people just want to have fun. Don’t give them sad content or too serious content. Give them joke, or unique holiday tips with humor gimmick can be a solution. But, make sure the humor content still related to your brand guidelines and brand identity as a part of social media contents.

Focus On Audiences Personality

Social media is people to people interaction. To engage your audiences, you need to know what your audiences’ personality is. Your target audiences’ personality can become a guideline to build your social media contents. Are they going holiday on the premium place? If you can measure your audiences’ personality, you can develop the holiday content based on this.


Other simple things that can you do to develop your holiday content on social media is giving surprise to your audiences. Build a viral quiz, and build correlation between the quiz, holiday moment, and your product.

Don’t Forget To Give Responses

On social media era, you need to make sure that your digital channels are interactive. You’re not only giving them content, but you need to ready to receive their feedback on everything.

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