How We Celebrate Togetherness With Ice Cream

Ice Cream Day toppings

“Do you know that most of the vanilla used to make ice cream comes from Indonesia & Madagascar? But unfortunately Indonesia has very low consumption level of ice cream, it’s about one scoop per year.”

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Ice cream is fun, yummy, and a nutritious food. As a surprise moment, last Monday we drop a box of ice cream with various toppings to celebrate the Ice Cream Day at Growinc Group Indonesia. Febri, our Office Boy became the ice cream man and served these frozen delights in 3 flavours: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla choco-chip.
Ice cream man

The ice cream triggered Growmates (nickname for Growinc’s employee) to make queue to get their favorite ice cream flavour. They also could request  whether to get the ice cream in cone or cup. After getting the ice cream, Growmates could also decorate their ice cream with the varoius toppings that had been provided, such as chocolate sauce, gummy candy, cereal, sprinkles, and crushed cookie. They decorated their ice cream as pretty as possible to be uploaded to their social media.

“We got the chance to decorate our ice cream with these yummy toppings. The topping do not only make the ice cream tastier but also instagramable. It’s a fun monday indeed!,” says Kimberly, one of fifty Growmates that join Ice Cream Day Celebration.

Together with Ice Cream Day, we also held our monthly birthday celebration to celebrate Growmates who had birthday in June. They are Lorensi (Growinc Senior Finance Manager), Icin (Growmint Digital Marketing Specialist), and Rico (Growinc Finance Officer).

Another surprise for Growmates, the award-winning of Instastory Challenge. During Ramadhan, every division in Growinc Group Indonesia was given the opportunity to “hack” @growincid’s instastory. The winner is determined by most likes from the video recap of each division. The Finance Team came out as the winner of the Instastory Challenge with 262 likes and was entitled to a one million rupiah of MAP voucher.

At Growinc, we celebrate our daily life as a working partner and second family. We celebrate our small moment with togetherness to grow big together.

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