Generation G: Style of New Generation – Campaign Case Study

ClientPT Gudang Garam Tbk.
Works Done ByGrowmint

About The Campaign Case Study

Gudang Garam would like to increase GG Mild’s brand awareness and brand image, by promoting the idea of “Style New Generation” to youngest in urban area through digital platform

What We Do

One of the ground activities for GG Mild inlcudes the music event series, namely Urban Gigs, which need to be continously supported through out the campaign.


Laurier has an urgency to understanding their core target customers, young Millennial. Understanding digital native teenage girls is not easy.


Rather than create unreliable assumptions, Laurier asked for the help of young girls across Indonesia to define themselves. is a user-generated online dictionary, defining how a girl sees the world. In the microsite, young millennial girls have a chance to speak for themselves, sharing their point of view of being young in the digital age.

Core Value

This campaign truly embrace the value of User Generated Content. Submissions are carefully curated to make sure the microsite able to rightfully represent our audience point of view. Not only that, The definitions are then become part of our daily engagement that got responded really well in Social Media. In the end successfully creating lively two way conversation between brand and customers.  



The campaign has achieved more than 250 million impression and 80 million reach during 4 month campaign. Within the duration of the campaign, the social media users for GG Mild and GG Shiver also had increased up to 50%.