The Importance of Understanding Social Media Marketing Strategy in Running A Business

Undoubtedly, social media has become a vital factor in determining the progress of business growth in today’s world. Due to the rapid increase of social media users in most parts of the world, many companies had no choice but to keep up and shift their business strategy from conventional to maximizing the digital world. Social media marketing then considered to be one of the most effective ways in introducing a product and in persuading the market to be potential customers.


Understanding social media marketing  must come together with understanding every single feature that a social media platform has, in order to optimize its usage for monitoring the brand’s performance in the market. The “homework” doesn’t stop at that if you want to drive the existence of your business through social media. There are other methods you need to master, or at least comprehend, such as how to read your social media account performance insights and use it as a data to produce better content that speaks to the audience.


In what ways does social media affect your business?


As you make an attempt to build good perception and trust towards your product, you need to understand that social media marketing could greatly affect your business in many ways, such as:


1. Increase Brand Awareness

A prominent study stated that 90% of marketers agreed that social media marketing is inarguably helpful to generate immense exponsure towards your business. Through social media, you can easily publish your brand to a global market or to the nearest relevant targeted market, with less-time consuming journey. In some cases, a business can gain instant popularity and recognition, resulted in a drastically sold products.


2. Enhance Traffic to Your Website

Most business owners would position website as the main tool of their social media marketing strategy. However, in order for you to introduce your product in further details through the website, you will require more traffic. It would be impossible if you launch a website and expect high traffic without connecting the website to your social media assets, that might bring daily million visitors. Hence, to achieve that goal, you need to reverse the strategy and put social media as the main tool that you can use to promote your website so that people from many parts of the world will gain knowledge about it, in the hope that they will eventually visit and engage with your product through the website.


3. Cutting Marketing Cost

Try compare the budget you would spend if you’re implementing marketing strategy through social media and if you’re not using any social media at all. There will be a huge significant gap because, using social media allows you to reach more people organically (unpaid), enabling you to invest your money for other purposes.


4. The New Mouth of Word Marketing

Naturally, people will share to others about the product they purchase whether it’s bought via online transaction or through conventional stores. Now, with social media the information sharing is made a thousand times easier people can share anything they want, anytime they want it. If your product is satisfying to the customer, expectably they will immediately share it online and let the whole world know about it. You gain popularity without spending too much for your marketing program.


5. Increasing Sales Number

Certainly, as a result of the point above, where people can easily share and review your products online, your product will not only gain popularity and recognition but will also gain a significant raise on the sales number. Attention is inevitable when you have a trusted and credible brand awareness, combined with a great quality product.


In conclusion, the role of social media in marketing world nowadays is crucial like a heart beat to a living human being. It becomes the new determination factor of a company’s growth and performance. This is why most companies have turn and allocated their budget into the using of social media to gain more sales and awareness. If you find difficulty in finding help or advise regarding optimizing social media marketing, you can request for consultation to Growinc Group Indonesia (GGI), which focuses on a full service of marketing and advertising field from market research to digital and on-ground activity.