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Understanding Social Media Viral Content for A Brand
In the first half of 2015, more than 70 million people in Indonesia was recorded as social media users. They are users of the various platforms that exist in Indonesia. From time to time in Indonesia, the growth of social media users not only have an impact on the change in style of communication between...
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Social Media Analytics Tools, How To “Listen” The Conversation By Social Media Users
Social media is already not a curiosity in the 20th century. Various social media platforms today become a necessity for many people in life, including in Indonesia. More than 80 million internet users in Indonesia, are now quite familiar with the various social media platforms. Its function is also quite diverse, not only to interact,...
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Holiday Social Media Contents to Engage Your Target Audiences
Everybody always needs their holiday. Take a rest from daily life, and get laugh, refresh their mind, or just go hang out with friends. On the other side, holiday is an interesting topic for many brands to engage their audiences. But, how to create social media contents to engage target audiences during holiday? Based on...
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