Optimizing Your Brand Strategy during Long Holiday

Optimizing Your Brand Strategy during Long Holiday

Year-end is coming! It’s also mean a long holiday for some office, your office too? We believe anyone would not want to be interrupted while on vacation. But at the same time, there are many opportunities that can be done when the end of the year. One of them is the opportunity to get closer to your target audiences as a brand during year-end holiday.

Are you already thinking of brand strategy at the end of this year? Perhaps the following points can help you optimize your brand strategy at the end of the year without having to disrupt your holiday schedule.

Make Sure the Content Perfect Before You Set Up “On Vacation Mail”

One important thing to keep the closeness between the brand and the audience is attractive content. In this year-end, there will be many opportunities to bring together brands that you manage with the target audience. Starting from Christmas, New Year party, and long holiday. Are you already thinking about content according to your brand?

Just contact your agency to make sure your vacation is safe. ?


Content Availability is not enough!

Content is not just content. You need to make sure that your year-end contents for your brand are related to the moment. It’s not funny if many people talk about the year-end party, your content still talks about Christmas. Each brand also thinks about year-end content and long holiday. To attract your target audiences, you need to be different with your creative contents on each channel. One important thing in this context is you need to make sure your content is can attract your target audiences, different with your competitor, and integrated with each channel: ATL and BTL.


In Digital Era, Your Audiences Need Faster Messaging

Your target audiences will plan the holiday too. But, they certainly would use their social media during the holidays. On this part, your brand needs to be ready with the holiday content, and you need to be more responsive to your audiences. Nowadays, some tools on social media have provided the scheduling feature. But, you need to know that your audiences are people. On social media, most of the audiences want to talk with other people, not robot. If you just rely on scheduling tools, you will loose with other brands that prepare the manpower to maintain your brand during the holiday. Are you sure that scheduling post without responding each comment, message, or reply on each social media is safe for your brand? Just talk with your digital agency for this point.


At the end, every marketing specialist, brand specialist, or other position on the company that responsible for brand need to make sure that their brand is optimized during the year-end moment. On this moment, many people a part of target audiences need to know about the year-end promotions content, or just get in touch with your brand during a holiday. Are you ready to optimize your brand at this year-end moment?

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